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Scoliosis Awareness Bracelets

Scoliosis Awareness Bracelets

16 Blackberry Lane, Four Marks, Alton, Hampshire GU34 5BN, United Kingdom.

Telephone: 02071932931

As you are aware we have been running a questionnaire for the wristbands for some time and after a period of a few months we collected those questionnaires, read the results and then made a decision on which colours and tag line to choose.

The most popular choice of colour was purple and white, therefore, we have chosen purple and white glow in the dark, both using the same tag line, font and websites.

ScoliosisNutty created these wristbands in association with SAUK (Scoliosis Association UK), as the UK did not have an official wristband we decided we wanted to create one for the British people, I can now present the wristbands to you and we hope you like our choices.

ScoliosisNutty has funded these writsbands and is donating half their stock to the SAUK, all funds raised on behalf of these wristbands will go towards helping people with Scoliosis around the World, we hope to continue making merchandise and helping people where we can.

As ScoliosisNutty is not yet a registered charity all funds are handled by Simone Icough, should ScoliosisNutty be a success in raising money then we will apply to be a registered charity, if you have any queries, I am not hiding you can call or email me, I would be happy to discuss anything with you.