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"The only disability in life is a bad attitude."
Scott Hamilton

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How To Look Good Twisted

How To Look Good Twisted

16 Blackberry Lane, Four Marks, Alton, Hampshire GU34 5BN, United Kingdom.

Telephone: 0207 193 9950

I have been running support groups for many years for people with Scoliosis, this includes raising money for Scoliosis Research and making my own products for those with Scoliosis.

Over the past few years I have found sitting in a chair with a hard back to be very uncomfortable, leaving me leaning on my elbows while sat at a table, I am sure many patients with a rib hump will know where I am coming from! Due to these shoulder blade issues I decided to make a cushion using a simple design with beads, however, the cushion is not just any old beaded cushion you can find on the market, the Scoliosis rib hump cushion actually supports the un-even shoulder blade issue while sitting at a table, allowing you to be comfortable and even!

Pain Relief: Hot & Cold gel packs
Knee & Scoliosis rib hump cushions
Scoliosis Awareness:
Wristbands, keyrings and lanyards for Scoliosis awareness

Support Groups & Charities/Support Groups


16 Blackberry Lane, Four Marks, Alton, Hampshire GU34 5BN, United Kingdom.

Telephone: 02071932931

Scoliosis is a common orthopaedic condition affecting spinal alignment, growth, and function. A wide variety of conditions, many of which affect the neuromuscular system (eg, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy), are associated with the development of scoliosis. However, the most common form of scoliosis, which has an undefined etiology and affects otherwise normal adolescents, is the focus of this monograph.

My website and support forums are there for all people who have just been diagnosed with Scoliosis, whether you are a baby, teenager, adult, parent or friend of someone who suffers. Share your story on the website and read, connect with others in your area.

Join my Facebook fan page and share your Scoliosis tips, experiences, have a rant or just be part of the family so you know that you do not walk this journey alone!

Support Groups & Charities/Support Groups
Sirius Pro

Sirius Pro

Hampshire, United Kingdom.

Telephone: 0796 235 7696

Whether you're a professional business, website enthusiast or simply an individual looking for a website then Sirius Pro are your local and friendly website designers. View our portfolio online and browse the various options that are available to you. We understand that building a website can be a daunting task, let Sirius Pro take that pressure away from you and explain all the various options that available to you for your budget.

We have offices in Spain and the UK and we have been in the website building business for 4 years now, we have a background of programming since 1995.

Let Sirius Pro design and build your website for your internet solutions and start to recieve positive, qualified, web enquiries right now!

"Creating Web Sites Worth Marketing"

Our services include:

News & Media/Websites
Scoliosis Awareness Bracelets

Scoliosis Awareness Bracelets

16 Blackberry Lane, Four Marks, Alton, Hampshire GU34 5BN, United Kingdom.

Telephone: 02071932931

As you are aware we have been running a questionnaire for the wristbands for some time and after a period of a few months we collected those questionnaires, read the results and then made a decision on which colours and tag line to choose.

The most popular choice of colour was purple and white, therefore, we have chosen purple and white glow in the dark, both using the same tag line, font and websites.

ScoliosisNutty created these wristbands in association with SAUK (Scoliosis Association UK), as the UK did not have an official wristband we decided we wanted to create one for the British people, I can now present the wristbands to you and we hope you like our choices.

ScoliosisNutty has funded these writsbands and is donating half their stock to the SAUK, all funds raised on behalf of these wristbands will go towards helping people with Scoliosis around the World, we hope to continue making merchandise and helping people where we can.

As ScoliosisNutty is not yet a registered charity all funds are handled by Simone Icough, should ScoliosisNutty be a success in raising money then we will apply to be a registered charity, if you have any queries, I am not hiding you can call or email me, I would be happy to discuss anything with you.

Support Groups & Charities/Awareness Bracelets

Leightons Hearing Care

90 High Street, Alton, Hampshire GU34 1EN, United Kingdom.

Telephone: 0800402020
Hearing Aids. Free Hearing Assessment, Highly Qualified Staff, Personal Service, Latest Digital Hearing Aids. Free Professional Aftercare, Regular Hearing Assessments
Mobility Equipment/Visual Aids

National Schizophrenia

17 Oxford Street, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 3DJ, United Kingdom.

Telephone: 02380225664
Support Groups & Charities/Charitable Organisations

Eye Science Wessex

Culverley View, 1 Armstrong Road, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, Southampton, Hampshire SO42 7TA, United Kingdom.

Telephone: 08704435966
Mobility Equipment/Visual Aids

Carefree Living Ltd

188 Bassett Green Road, Southampton, Hampshire SO16 3TR, United Kingdom.

Telephone: 02380768814
Mobility Equipment/Living Aids

Makaton Vocabulary Development Project

10 Marlborough Park, Havant, Hampshire PO9 2PP, United Kingdom.

Telephone: 02392481250
Support Groups & Charities/Community Projects

Dr R.A Pauc

Tinsley House, Main Road, East Boldre, Brockenhurst, Hampshire SO42 7WT, United Kingdom.

Telephone: 01590612432
Clinics & Centers/Day Centres